Survival Knife produced by Vladimir Vasiliev ヴラディミア監修サバイバルナイフ




・刃部 ダマスカス鋼と炭素鋼
・グリップ素材 G10プラスチック
・シース素材 革 防水加工済み
・重さ 185 g
・刃厚 3.5 mm
・全長 26 cm
・刃長 14.5 cm
・グリップ長さ 11.5 cm
・シース重さ 63 g
・シース長さ 24 cm
・収納時全長 28 cm
・収納時重量 248 g

The design was personally selected by Vladimir Vasiliev and is closely based on the original Russian classic combat knife used in World War 2, called Нож Pазведчика or Reconnaissance Knife. This knife model was very successful and a very modern weapon for its time, numerous legends have been associated with it and its fighting qualities.

With this new Systema HQ Survival Knife, the classic 1940’s design has been taken to a new level and fine tuned for martial arts and survival applications of today.

Manufacture details:

Damascus steel blade made with a rain drop pattern and a high carbon steel core.

Damascus steel is made by forge welding two types of steel – one with higher nickel content than the other – to produce a beautiful pattern that also has the practical application of making the blade stronger.

Sharpness is ensured with a Cryo-quenched hardened blade and a hollow (concave) blade grind. The high carbon steel core ensures the edge is extremely sharp and has excellent edge retention, minimizing the sharpening requirements in the field.

Two grooved sections on the blade. The top grooves on the spine of the blade are designed for scraping a ferro rod to start a fire. The grooved section next to the ricasso assists in holding the knife when performing precise work such as making wood shaves for a fire or sharpening a spear stick for fishing.

The guard is simple and grooved, with the right angulation to make the holding of the knife easy, safe and efficient. The knife is ideally balanced at the guard.

G10 military grade plastic handle has been added to improve durability. The handle makes the holding more secure, does not get marked by hits, and is waterproof. Machined grooves on the side of the handle and in the index finger section secure the grip. A lanyard hole made of stainless steel close to the hilt allows for the threading of a paracord to prevent dropping the knife when deployed.

Leather sheath is durable and water resistant, finished in oil dye with an extended belt loop to keep the knife straight while sheathed.

Size and weight specifications:

Knife Weight: 6.5 oz / 185 grams
Blade Thickness: 0.14” / 3.5 mm
Total Knife Length: 10 ¼” / 26 cm
Blade Length: 5 ¼” / 14.5 cm
Handle Length: 4 ½” / 11.5 cm
Sheath Weight: 2.2 oz / 63 grams
Sheath Length: 9 ½” / 24 cm
Total Knife Length with Sheath: 11” / 28 cm
Total Knife Weight with Sheath: 8.8 oz / 248 grams

¥ 19,000





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