The Russian System Guidebook 英語版 ロシアン・システム・ガイドブック


In 1997, this concise and informative book was released as a supplement to Vladimir Vasiliev’s instructional videos. Unplanned, this book gained huge popularity and became a stand alone production.

It includes a brief history of Russian Martial Art, outstanding details on the Soviet Special Units training, insightful teaching tips, philosophy of combat, tips for achieving mastery in combative skills and enhancing your health.

Although some information in The Russian System Guidebook may no longer be up-to-date, the interest in it has always been present.
To commemorate the 25 years of Systema Headquarters Toronto, this anniversary edition has been expanded with enhanced quality illustrations and helpful training articles.

80 pages

Table of Contents
Russian Martial Art – A Brief History
Soviet Special Units Training
Teaching Tips
The Russian System of Combat – Some Philosophy
10 Guidelines for Achieving Mastery
Introduction to Russian Health System

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